Thinking Decisions
finding the way forward for you and your business

We are...                                                                                                                                              

                        Professionals with years of experience who have          

                                the knowledge required to help you build a                              

        strong and successful business 



Our Mission


“To unlock the door to success by providing experienced business leaders

to help you identify your goals, remove obstacles in your way

and ensure that you make the right decisions

for you and your business”


Our Team


David and Kelly are both passionate about helping people to deliver their goals, dreams and ambitions. Both have strong background in sales and business management and have consistently coached and mentored teams that have achieved exceptional results.


They are trained coaches and are able to apply their considerable experience to helping individuals identify their goals and deliver on them.


Based in the South East they operate throughout the UK and understand that location is not as important as having the ‘right fit and chemistry’ in a coaching relationship. Many clients opt to work with Thinking Decisions not just on a face-to-face basis but also using other communication media such as Skype, web conferencing, smart phone or tablet, or the plain and simple telephone.







David has over 25 years experience in leading mainly technology driven organisations through significant change and development.


He has a successful record as an entrepreneur, business leader,

 coach and mentor with a good eye for successful business strategies. He has consistently created and mentored teams that have won through tough challengesread    more                                                                            


Kelly has specialised in sales and has led sales teams in 

many different industries ranging from start-ups to nationally established organisations.


She has been successful as a Sales Director, coach and mentor

with a successful track record in areas as diverse as the property sector, the intense telesales environment of newspaper advertising to driving new markets in the highly competitive safety technology more     




Our Values




 Results driven



and empower people to achieve their goals


working always within our own ethical code








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