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Thinking Decisions uses experienced business leaders to support you and your management team. We are particularly strong in helping companies through business transformation. This could mean implementing a complete turn-around strategy; guiding you through the challenges of growth; creating a winning sales and marketing culture; helping you identify, work with and integrate an acquisition or prepare your company for a possible exit.

We tailor our services to support your particular circumstances. Whether you are looking for a trusted adviser or someone to just fix something, we will listen to understand your proposition, acknowledge your obstacles and work closely with you and your team to create a path to success.

There is no such thing as a single solution. We have been involved in some tough transformations that have resulted in fabulous results achieved through applying the knowledge and strategies gained from having been there and done it ourselves.  


We have transformed a hardware dominated technology company into a leading consultancy driven services organisation. We have changed business models from product focused to customer focused. We have bought and sold companies to create increased shareholder value. We have opened off-shore facilities and integrated them into home based operations. We have worked with private equity investors, family owned businesses, the City and in companies as small as start-ups to plc's with sales of  many hundreds of millions.

In order to take strategic 'thinking decisions'  we believe it is fundamental that you have a thorough understanding of your customers current and emerging needs together with a clear vision of where the market is going. This together with a full understanding of your organisation's current and required skills are two of the critical factors in creating a winning way forward.  

Working with you we can help facilitate the acquisition of this knowledge within your organisation and help you ensure your business remains fit for the future battles ahead. This could mean helping you transition a management team, introduce new products or services, create a sales and marketing strategy that wins, identifying and acquire a complementary company or helping you implement a success driven culture throughout your organisation.

As well as traditional advisory input our experience means we can offer strategic thinking and ensure corporate governance remains a focus. The real help can often just be in having an experienced practitioner with a specific skill within your business offering support to you and your executives. Having been business owners ourselves and acted as Chairman, Chief Executive, Non-Executive Director, Coach and Mentor to various organisations we are used to working in any way that suits you.

So, if you are looking to transform your business, instil a new culture, expand and grow, increase productivity and profitability then call now for a free, no obligation and confidential discussion and truly understand how Thinking Decisions can help you.




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