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“I have worked for and with many CEOs and MDs; of them all David Ince stands out for his business and interpersonal skills. Regarding business skills; his ability to analyse, bring focus where it was lacking, decide on what changes are needed, develop the strategy involving the Board and key staff, and then manage the transition, was crucial in taking our company from a minor business to be a significant force in our chosen market. Regarding his interpersonal skills; through a combination of leadership and mentoring, he inspires and develops staff to perform at a greater level of competence than most of them thought possible, to the benefit of the business. I can think of no better person to apply his skills to anyone, or any business, which needs them. They will benefit hugely from the impetus his skills will bring.”   

Director of a Safety Technology Service Company

“Kelly has the drive, charisma & passion to fill an entire senior executive board singlehandedly. Her ability to galvanise a team of differing personalities into a target smashing salesforce is unquestionable. She possesses an excellent understand of people, both in positioning her staff in the roles which match their skill set through to a detailed appreciation of their personal goals & emotive drivers. The result of which has always been a highly motivated team with superb retention levels, delivering significant sales, regardless of the businesses industry. Adaptability & consistency in the face of adversity & challenging circumstances is something very few individuals can maintain. Not Kelly though, she walks over challenges as if mountains were in fact flat. It has been a pleasure & honour working for & alongside Kelly Ince.” 

Customer Centre Manager in the Property Industry


David is an experienced executive with great sales and leadership qualities. When I was a vendor of his company, he still reached across client-vendor boundaries and mentored me on growing up as an entrepreneur and leader. While his profile speaks for his consistent success stories, I just wanted to drop this note talking about his human touch, solid humour, and open personality."

Entrepreneur and Snr Vice President of various Technology Companies

“Kelly brought a clear structure and huge enthusiasm to the sales and marketing function of the company, and her commitment was evident to staff and customers alike. I enjoyed working with Kelly; as Sales Director she initially managed both sales and marketing, welcoming strategic input and ideas and initiating a new, cohesive sales and marketing structure.”

Marketing Manager of a Retirement Village







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