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 A coach is someone who has been trained to unlock your potential by working with you to identify real measurable goals and targets, find your way forward through the issues you may have, help you drive to attain a resolution and deliver the results you want.

Coaching tends to focus on either an existing problem or something you are looking ahead to achieve.

Coaching key employees is a very powerful way of ensuring that your organisation's resources are targeted to maximize the benefit for your company.

An Executive Coach often focuses on helping you to solve a particular issue by exploring specific goals, skills and capabilities. In Business Coaching the focus is much more on taking the business forward, acting as your 'thinking guide' as you look at areas such as the goals and aims of the business or your organisational challenges. In both cases the coach is very much about working with you to help you find a realistic path to achieving your goals and creating your own success.

Issues that you may want addressing are many and varied but examples could be:

"My business isn't generating enough profit to justify my efforts"


 "I am spending my days fire-fighting rather than moving the business forward"


     "I need to generate more sales enquiries and turn them into real leads"


          "It's hard to recruit, retain and motivate good staff"


           "I am losing customers to my competition and I want to fight back"


 "I need to clarify and explore the options for my business"


    "I need to communicate better with all the stakeholders in the business"

 Because we have been there, we really understand the challenges you are facing. The pressure to make the right decision at the right time is immense and time always seems to be the limiting factor. 


We can support you in the way only someone with first-hand experience can, having faced the same pressures running our own businesses for over 20 years.


We work for your long-term future. We won't tell you what to do - we are there to support your thinking and help you make the decisions.


Our coaching is targeted at supporting you; giving you a place to offload, discuss issues in confidence, clarify your thoughts, explore solutions and focus on actions that will enable your goals to be met.


All our coaching packages are tailor-made to meet the needs of your individual circumstances. Usually an assignment takes the form of a series of coaching sessions over a specified period of time. Sessions are normally in your workplace but can be anywhere agreed appropriate; they can be face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, or on-line interactions.


Our initial meeting with you will establish the need for coaching, achieve agreement in principle, establish the ground rules for the sessions and finalise the costs. The first session of the engagement might then explore the coaching goals; identify specifics and success measures for the coaching. Future sessions will concentrate on making progress toward the coaching goals. There will be a final session where the coaching is reviewed.


Coaching requires a strong commitment from both you and your coach. Confidentiality is critical so the sessions are open and issues can be explored in a 'safe' environment. Thinking Decisions works to a strict Code of Ethics with confidentiality and your needs at the forefront.


We believe that Coaching can significantly enhance your own performance, help you see things more clearly and bring direction and control over your future.







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