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         A driven Sales Director, Mentor, Trainer and Coach                                                           




Kelly has managed teams in many market sectors including tourism, publishing and retail - all quickly increased sales and achieved exceptional results.  This is mainly due to her versatile analytical approach of reviewing situations, understanding what is required to 'win' and training sales teams to have the skills to capitalise on the opportunities identified. She also teaches Business Studies to "A" level students in Spain.

Kelly is a passionate and driven sales mentor coach who believes in enthusing others to stand strong in adverse situations and reap the rewards not only for themselves but also for the organisation where they work.

Her passion and drive is infectious for her teams, motivating them to go the extra mile toward achieving their personal goals. Always these are aligned to the main business objective, normally one that includes over achieving sales targets.                                                                                                                                                    

Kelly has the knowledge of the winning sales formula, how to adapt it to any market sector and apply it to achieve results. She is highly adept in using the skills and techniques of training to facilitate increased knowledge and its application in diverse situations.

One of her recent assignments was leading and coaching a team of sales professionals and regional managers within the property sector, a sector that is notoriously challenging especially in the recent climate. Through understanding each individual and their emotive drivers she was able to coach individuals and the team into achieving its sales targets for the first time in years and then quadrupling sales over the following two-year period.


Kelly is a trained Coach (IOC ) and a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)















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